NEIL PRIMROSE, the eldest member of Travis by some 24 days, was born on 20 February 1972 in Cumbernauld, one of Glasgow's satellite 'new towns'. His father was a power station engineer, so the family was always on the move wherever job took him. A posting to Middlesborough was followed by a series of moves across the north-east of England that spanned the first ten years of Neil's life, with the sad result that Neil had to make new friends - or enemies- wherever he went. "I basically got the shit kicked out of me" - the perennial new boy once reflected. Returning to Glasgow, he made friends with a lad called Ronnie who played the drum in an Orange marching band. Thankfully, it was the musical side of this pastime and none of the sectarianism for which Scotland is sadly renowned that rubbed off. His other passion was swimming, the 200 metre butterfly stroke being his speciality; while a teenager he made it into the national C Class -'one down to swim for Scotland.