FRANCIS HEALY was born in the Midlands town of Stafford, on 23 July 1973. He was an only child, his mother Marion bringing him back to Glasgow when her marriage broke up a year after he was born. At age of five, Fran proudly told his mum he was going to be a star - two years later he started out on that long haul by winning a competition for singing Scottish songs. "It was the first time I got on a stage" - he'd later recall with pride. "They put a kilt on me, I sang a song called 'Westering Home' and won a certificate".         

He saw his father, long-distance lorry driver Frank Healy, in frequently the most recent time in 1983 at the first communion of his half-brother Ryan.                           

In primary school despite looking the same as everyone else, he continually found himself the target of bullies and had to fight his own battles: "I walked around as if I had a huge neon light said 'weird'... they used to follow me home and beat me up". The first book he had read from cover to cover, at age of 11, had a profound effect on him. It was Sue Townsend's "The secret diary of Adrian mole" after which Fran began a journal of his very own. He was confirmed fan of INXS. When Huchence killed himself in November 1997, the Travis singer would compose a eulogy in "High as a kite", the title of which reflected his status as much as his drug habits.  He met Dougie and Andy in Glasgow School Of Art. In the summer of 1993, aged 19 Fran had come to something of a career crossroads. Cycling to the School Of Art he'd padlock his bike to a large sculpture outside that read: 'Do you enjoy what you do?' The answer to the question had to be a negative.

Fran is engaged with Nora Kryst since 2000. Fran has become a dad for the first time on 10th of March 2006. His girlfriend Nora gave birth to a baby boy