DOUGIE PAYNE  was born in  Glasgow, on 14 November 1972. Dougie's earliest  memory  of life in the upper middle-class south side of the city is falling off a wall into a rose bush at the age of three. His first major artistic triumph en route to art school came not  long afterwards when he won  a local paper's colouring competition. The prize, a crisp £5 note, was riches indeed: he was amazed his father couldn't retire on the strength of it ! Clearly, growing up in a family with musical taste proved no hindrance to Dougie's ambitions, though until he was invited to join Travis he'd never so much as picked up a bass guitar in his life let alone played with a band ! He was also a big reader , with the Adrian Mole book that had so inspired Fran a favourite of his too. He met Andy and Fran in Glasgow School Of Art. "My dad and Andy's dad used to know each other, like, 40 years ago. Used to go for lunch together. They lost touch and had no idea at all, and than we reunited them at a show where we were supporting Beth Orton. It was like, 'George!','Peter!'" Dougie and Fran had encountered each other at a life drawing class, when Dougie did a fantastic Rolf Harris impression while he was sketching - "We've been  best mates ever since".