After his parents divorced in 1974, Fran Healy and his mum moved to Glasgow to live with his grandparents.

Doing a sculpture degree at art college, Dougie Payne met Fran and Andy Dunlop - both studying art. After meeting in Horseshoe Bar, where Neil Primrose worked as a barman he was the obvious choice for their drummer; he was so enamoured with his parents' record collection that he spent his formative years wishing he was Levon Helm, bearded, rustically-attired drummer with The Band.

Named after the Beatles song, Glass Onion were formed (albeit currently without Dougie) but nothing happened until Healy decided to drop art and play music full time.

A £600 loan from Fran's mum allowed the band to buy studio time and record their demo.

The next step was the replacement of the bass player - cue Dougie.

Then, on June 1, 1996, the band moved en masse to London, taking up a Help!-style communal residence in a north London house. They decided to put out their own single, choosing "All I Want To Do Is Rock", the first song they'd ever played together. A total of 750 copies were released on their own Red Telephone Box label.

Their debut album was initially to be recorded in London, but, finding all the studios were full, producer, Steve Lillywhite suggested Bearsville Studios in upstate New York, near Woodstock, a place ideally suited to the band's working mentality. Macdonald was still with Go! Discs when he first met the band and was taken with their music, but circumstances prevented him acting more quickly. He says, "I saw them at The Dublin Castle prior to leaving Go! and they were irresistible but, as I didn't know what PolyGram's intentions were for the label, I couldn't commit to anything."

Travis are managed by Ian McAndrew of Wildlife management, who also manages Brand New Heavies and Tim Simenon and formerly looked after Tasmin Archer. Travis are the first rock act he's been involved with, but he sees a lot of similarities between them and his other charges.

Since those early days, Travis have went on to have 4 Top 10 albums and lot of hit singles.